Personalised Photo Cushions


Personalised Cushions and Photo Cushions feature your own photo(s) uploaded and printed onto luxurious photo fabric and manufactured to order into a premium UK Made Photo Gift by HappySnapGifts®.

We make Photo Cushions that are Personalised with your Optional Text, have a photo upload of course and extend the range as one of the leading manufacturers with Name Cushions and Slogan Cushions. Every Personalised Cushion can be personalised with Text though of course we do specialise in Photo Personalised Cushions for humans as well as the pets you love.

Pets are a very popular choice for our personalised cushions and the Pet Photo Cushion and Pet Face Cushions are such a fun and unique pet photo gift. Kids absolutely love the feel of our cushions and the Personalised Cushion with 6 Photos is great for holiday shots or even professional modelling photos and the Kids Personalised Alphabet Cushion is a great personalised kids gift; they all create a lasting memory and wonderful photo gift though it has to be said that the Face Cushion and Family Face Cushion and Photo Collage Cushion with a montage of many of your photo's lead the way and makes for one of the best photo gifts available.

Each Photo Cushion and Personalised Name Cushions are all made using our luxury soft velvet photo fabric and can be printed on one or both sides of the cushion as you see on our hugely popular Luxury Collage Photo Cushion; they are printed using the latest technology that dyes the inks of the photo into the fabric the cushion is made from and with some of our bespoke printed cushions. Being UK Made we have total flexibility and offer a vast range of shapes and style of photo cushion and can even feature up to 24 of your favourite photos. The print is amazing and we stand out among the competition with our British Made Quality.

The fibre used in all the personalised photo cushions is hypoallergenic and is coated and spiral-twisted to make for a very bouncy and lofty cushion that will last for years to come and is certified with the latest fire safety requirements of BS5852.

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