Personalised Cushion with Love Heart Theme


Personalised Cushion featuring your own message text and signed with your own name and love heart.

  • Personalised Cushion.
  • UK Made.
  • Size options.
  • Fabric and colour choices for the back.
  • Filled with hypo-allergenic Polyester Fibre (BS5832).
  • Trusted HappySnapGifts® brand.
£14.95  + delivery from £2.95
35 character max
35 character max
15 character max
15 character max

UK Made Personalised Text Cushions that feature your own text on a stunning love heart designed cushion.  Available with 2 size options, these cushions are personalised with any text of your choosing, are signed off with your name above a love heart, and show a prominant message also of your choosing in a striking colour.

These personalised gifts cushions are popular around Valentines Day as gifts though sell year round where loved ones simply reaffirm their messages of love or often apology.

Can the personalised cushions be washed ?

By choosing the removable cover option, you can wash the outer cover at 40 degrees in a like colour wash.  If you do not select this option, the cushion is sewn closed and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.  We do not recommend washing the inner cushion as it distorts the fibres and shape of your pillow.

Can I have more text on my personalised pillow ?

No. We provide the characters as shown so that they can be large enough to show really clearly on the cushion.

Do we do photo cushions or pillows with corporate logos ?

Yes. Please see our other items online or contact us with your request.

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