Personalised Face Masks & Face Covers


Face Covers take many forms and are so topical around the world at the moment. A Face Cover can take the form of a Face Snood or Gaiter, a Face Mask and Face Cover and all provide much the same method of creating a barrier between yourself and others.

Our most popular and historic Face Covering is our Personalised Snood. This snood, also known as Face Gaiters is a subular piece of fabric that can be worn around the neck, over the head or of course to cover your mouth and nose. These snoods come in a range of vivid fabric colours and have sporting icons on them and can also be personalised as a sporting gift with the text or slogan of your choice.

Face Masks are one of the best face coverings and our own UK Made versions are created to fit snugly to the face, they are available in a few different design options like the Stay Safe Face Mask or our Cotton Face Mask though all work the same way. The masks come in a variety of luxury cotton-lined fabrics, have an outer water-resistant fabric and each come with an optional inner 3rd non woven fabric layer.

The simplest Face Cover is made in a rectangular shape and pleated so the mask molds around the shape of the nose and chin and come with simple elastic fastenings and also comes with an optional 2 or 3 layer construction.

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