Personalised Eye Masks


Help get sleep when traveling with a range of Personalised Eye Masks; block out some of the light in flight, on the coach or even when pulled over in the car or buy these eye masks from a range of personalised eye masks with text or slogans of your choice.

HappySnapGifts® have a range of eye masks that can be personalised, whether you are looking for low-cost airline eye masks, 3D eye masks that cup over the eyes or luxury silk eye masks that have personalised text or fun slogans, we have every range of eye mask needed.

Cotton Eye Masks use all-natural cotton fabric and can also be personalised from a range of colours. Our most popular Luxury Silk Eye Mask can be personalised with text or we have a variety of other luxury silk masks that have slogans or icons and themes you can choose from and all the silk masks, like all our eye masks come in a range of colour choices.

Some of our eye masks cannot be personalised with text though we offer them here including the memory foam eye mask and gel eye masks that can all help with rest and sleep to add to the range of choice you have from HappySnapGifts®.

Our most popular range of eye masks for travel gifts would include the really fun personalised eye mask with photo upload and our animal eye mask, though why not also have more fun and nominate your own hero on the my hero designer eye masks.

Don't forget the kids as they too will want to join in and get some sleep when out in the car or off on holiday and the personalised childrens eye mask or the personalised childrens eye mask with themed design add an element of fun to these very practical sleep aids for kids.

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