Personalised Luggage Straps


So many UK Made Personalised Luggage Straps from TheJetRest® on HappySnapGifts® as personalised travel gifts to make sure your luggage and suitcases are secure for your holiday.

Personalised Luggage Straps are one of the best travel gifts from our company and we have so many colours, sizes, buckle options, pack sizes and special offers and ways to personalise your luggage strap.

Start with the Most Popular and Best Personalised Luggage Strap with Combination Lock. Straps are offered in so many colours, and different lengths to make sure the smallest and even the very largest of suitcases have a strap that will fit. Colours of straps are personal and really help make your suitcase stand out among hundreds seen at the airport and if you add Personalised Text you know which luggage is yours or belongs to the family. We have Chinese made version and, if you can go the extra mile, support us with our UK Made Luggage Straps.

TSA Luggage Straps offer a stronger buckle that the airport authorities can open if they need to for security reasons without damaging your case and of course we offer Personalised TSA Luggage Straps.

Add a photo on your Photo Printed Luggage Strap or go with the Soft Cotton Luggage Straps if you have expensive suitcases or perhaps have a musical instrument. Narrow Luggage Straps work well for those on a budget or who need lower-cost straps and for those travelling in bigger groups might want to look at the low priced Pack of 10 Luggage Straps from our UK Made range. Traditional Lockable Luggage Straps with a Key Lock are online, and we have Open Ended Touch Straps for those wanting to tie pieces of luggage together.

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