Hot Water Bottles & Heat Packs


Hot Water Bottle Covers made in the UK from Fleece, Cotton and Luxury Soft Velvet Photo Fabric to the highest standard and where each can be personalised with text as a Personalised Gift or with Photo Upload as expected from HappySnapGifts®.

We have Fleece Personalised Hot Water Bottle Covers all made here in the UK and available in so many colours; Grey Hot Water Bottles, Pink Hot Water Bottles and every colour imaginable to make for the best UK Made Covers and sewn to luxury quality no matter which cover you go for and these come in the ever popular 2 litre and Mini Hot Water Bottle sizes We even have the ultimate Luxury Hot Water Bottles in Cashmere and Fur when ready to give the ultimate warming winter gift alongside fluffy hot water bottles and cotton hot water bottles.

Kids Hot Water Bottles are one of our favourites to manufacture. We have every colour and themed icon including Unicorn Hot Water Bottles and Football Hot Water Bottles covering every Boys Hot Water Bottle needed with Girls Hot Water Bottles all in one Kids Hot Water Bottle product where you choose a vivid bright colour and fun icon design. We have beautifully embroidered Kids Hot Water Bottle with Personalised Text where the kids get to choose from animal and colours available.

Personalised Hot Water Bottle Emoji covers are so popular especially as winter Birthday and Christmas Gifts though we also supply these as Wheat Bags Emoji Heat Packs in Classic Bottle and Circular shapes.

As you've come to expect from HappySnapGifts, we specialise in the manufacture of photo uploaded personalised gifts and by far our most popular warming Winter and Christmas Gift is the Collage Photo Hot Water Bottle and similarly the same design where you upload many photos to our Collage Photo Microwave Heat Pack. You can choose whether to upload a single photo to the Wheat Bags Luxury Photo Bottle Microwave Heat Pack or load many photo's to our Collage range of winter warmers. They're all made to order using our luxury soft velvet photo fabric and will not disappoint when you see just how luxurious and stunning these personalised gifts are.

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