Smiley Face Gifts


UK Made Smiely Face Gifts direct from the factory here in the UK take many forms whether you're looking for the latest Rolls Eyes Face or Sunglasses Face and Poop Pillows; you can count on HappySnapGifts®. We have Personalised Smiely Face Cushions and Smiley Face Pillows, Smiley Face Mugs and more and all our Smiely Face Gifts can be Personalised with your own cheeky message or text.

Smiley Face Cushions and Smiley Face Pillows are all made in our own UK factory to order on a really fast turnaround. If you want a Poop Cushion, Rolls Eyes Pillow or something with Sunglasses or any emoticon that we don't have on our web site, just get in touch as chances are we can add them to the range and make the Smeiley Face Cushion the best ever and all because you asked for it.

Smiley Face Mugs are also a popular personalised gift especially at Christmas as we personalise and press to order here in the UK. Our mugs come in a range of sizes though the extra-large mug seems to be the most popular gift and remember, if you don't see the emoticon you need, just get in touch.

Smiley Face Water Bottles, Smiley Face Hot Water Bottles and Heat Packs in Bottle & Circular Smiley Face Shaped Heat Packs and more Smiley Face gift ideas from HappySnapGifts®.

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