Fabric Photo-Upload Squares for Patchwork Quilting

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Photo-Upload Patchwork Quilting Squares for the hugely popular pass-time and these quilting square patches are an exclusive design from HappSnapGifts® where you upload your photo and we send you panels of luxury fabric to sew into your quilt.

  • Upload photo(s) to order quilting patches.
  • Printed on luxury mock-suede photo fabric.
  • 6 images per panel ready to cut up for your own use.
  • Stunningly crisp photo prints at different square sizes.
  • Trusted HappySnapGifts® brand.
£12.95 £14.95 + delivery from £2.95
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How to load photos

As a UK Manufacturer, we are used to receiving photo's from our customers and printing to our luxury mock-suede fabrics and this quilting product was inspired by one of our cushion customers. The lady purchased a photo cushion and wanted to cut up the panels of fabric we used for use in her home-made quilt.

The size of each quilting photo panel is printed to 10cm square (approximately 4 inches) and we leave a space of 5cm (approximately 2 inches) between each photo.  6 squares per sheet are supplied and you can then cut the fabric by hand to allow you to sew the patches into your quilt either with a white border or right up to the edge of the photo itself.

We'd love your feedback to expand our product range; simply let us know if you wanted larger squares, perhaps diamond shapes or triangles.  We always listen and want to extend the options of purchase here and can only do this if you let us know what you would like.

*** Please send us photo's of your finished quilt - we'd love to feature them on our web site ***

Can these quilting panels be washed?

Yes. The technology we use dyes the inks into the fabric itself and will not run or fade.

Can I send old images or my own designs?

Yes. All we need is a photo (jpeg) so photo or scan old images, take your own photos, or design an image of your own.

Can I have a new size or shape for my images?

Yes. We are open to ideas on what you would like so please email us the shape you want, the size it needs to be and the space you need between each photo.

If I wanted 6 the same or 6 different photos how do I load them?

Choose 1 item and either load the same photo 6 times, or load 6 unique photos, or any combination of unique photos and repeats as you wish within the 6 photo uploaders that you will be presented with at the end of the order.

How do the Special Offers work?

The special offer works only for repeat prints of the same set of photos uploaded.  eg order 1 items, upload 6 photos, and the special offers sends 1 extra or 2 or 3 extras of the precise same prints.  If you wanted say 12 different prints, just order 2 of the products and that way you are presented with 6 photo uploads for each of the 2 items you order.  Call us if unsure.

I bought this for patch-work quilt

Very good customer service. It came a day later than anticipated but my understanding is that it was due to the delivery driver. Photo’ are clear enough and perfect for quilt.

9th October 2019 by Courtney Cuthbert
Great product

I got pictures printed on fabric to make a quilt. Good quality and very quick service.

2nd October 2019 by Kathryn Gilbert
Delighted with my purchase

I am making a family quilt and needed some photos to ensure totally personsl. Am delighted with the quality of photos on material and know it will guarantee a great quilt.

27th September 2019 by Lynn Mc
Photo patches

In going into this process I was a little nervous as I am a little technophobe and didn’t wanna get it wrong, oh my days it was so simple and the results are amazing the picture quality on the patches are just like an actual photo highly recommended X

20th September 2019 by Lotty
A great product

I ordered photo-uploaded fabric for quilting. It was delivered very quickly and was exactly what I wanted and the reproduction quality was really good. The only problem I met was that you cannot iron it which, when quilting, is a bit of a drawback. But even knowing that, it was so perfect I would definitely order it again.

13th September 2019 by Ruth Bronzite
Photo fabric

I was a bit dubious about this however nothing ventured nothing gained and I was pleasantly surprised. Very good customer service keeping me informed on order progress, from ordering to delivery took I think about or just under a fortnight and the actual order was pretty good now all I have to do is order some more as I'm planning on making a quilt. Yes I would recommend and the price for what you get isn't too bad either.

30th August 2019 by MFC
Memory Quilt

Fantastic quality reproduction of my photos it was easy to complete the order and upload the pictures. I got them back in less than a week and the quality of the fabric is lovely very soft and luxurious

21st August 2019 by Ness the quilter
Found on line

Was really happy with everything about this so much so I have ordered more

16th August 2019 by Maz

Excellent product - was very pleased so ordered again!

15th August 2019 by Michele
My pal loved her Quilt ...

Thankyou....made a quilt with the pictures for my friend starting her chemo tomorrow .. .

13th August 2019 by L Delaney
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