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Personalised Scarf are UK made Football Scarf and Sports Scarfs made in quality fleece fabric and personalised with your own supporters text or message for the competition.

  • UK Made Sports Scarf.
  • Personalised Scarf gift with your own text.
  • Optional sporting icons.
  • Many fabric and colour choices.
  • Optional sizes for Adults and Children.
  • Handy warming scarf for practical use.
  • Trusted HappySnapGifts® brand.
£9.95 £12.95 + delivery from £2.95
22 character max

A Fan Sports Scarf that can be personalised with whatever text you want to promote and support your football team, or send a message across to the opposition at the rugby.

No matter what your sport, whether this is at a pro-league game of hockey or a childrens school football outing, these personalised scarves can be created from so many close-team colours and the text can be literally whatever you want.  

... and the scarves are great for keeping warm too.

Can I have any colour of personalised fan scarf ?

We display in the choices all the colours we have available though if you wanted a different colour, please contact us.

How big is the text for the scarves ?

We make the text you want to personalised the fan scarves as large as possible. The more letters you use in the personalisation then the smaller it will be on the scarf as they take more room. We have shown a few examples to try to show how they vary.

Where are the icons put on the scarves if I choose to have them and how many are there ?

You can choose just 1 icon per scarf ordered and if you select these then they are placed at both ends of the personalised text (meaning they are printed twice to the scarf).

Can we have a team logo printed to the scarves ?

We do not breach any copyright so generally the answer is no.  We can look to personalised them for your own team or even though so if you are unsure, or want us to look at a design, please contact us before ordering.

Can I put a famous persons name on the scarves ?

We won't stop you putting a famous persons name on the scarf because for all we know, you or your friend may be called by that same name and therefore are not in breach of any copyright.

Great product and great customer service

Really pleased with the scarf - the customer service was also excellent

6th November 2019 by Scott Curtis
Personalised scarf

The product was as I ordered but the delivery was far faster than I expected, great news, as I was taking it 5000 miles away and ordered with short notice. Great company. Full Mark's.

12th October 2019 by Tariq Chaudhry
40th Bday scarf

The ordering was easy and the scarf came within a few days and looks great.

18th August 2017 by Amir
Great gift for my son

Bought this for my son who loves to support his older brother at five-a-side football. Quality is great and the print looks fantastic. Much recommended for those who support local teams that don't do their own merchandise!

15th June 2016 by Pete G
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