Luxury Nursing Support Cushion for baby feeding

£14.95 £17.95 

Nursing Breastfeeding Pillows made in the UK from premium cotton fabrics, with removable cover as standard for washing and personalised text and size options.

  • Premium cotton nursing cushion.
  • UK Made with care and attention.
  • Removable cotton cover for washing.
  • Can be personalised with text.
  • Hypoallergenic inner fabric (BS5850).
  • Trusted HappySnapGifts® brand.
£14.95 £17.95 + delivery from £2.95
16 character max

Only printed if you select a text colour with payment option

Nursing Pillows or Breatfeeding Cushions are such an important addition when preparing for a new baby.  Nights will become tiresome and a supporting feeding cushion will be so much appreciated whether you are breast feeding, or feeding from a bottle.  Baby is so comfortable and so are you as the parent with one of these cushions.

Our nursing cushions are made in our own UK factory to a high specification and have been designed from experience.  Firstly, we use premium raw materials; all our covers come in pure cotton and our standard range are still made with a good weight of cotton fabric though the super luxury cotton fabric offers such a different level of comfort and support for you and the baby.  All covers are removable as standard as we know they need to be removed regularly for washing so we've used a very long zip to give you easy access.

The inner pillow is made from a barrier protecting inner fabric in pure white and the fibre we use is a luxury, spiral twisted hypoallergenic fibre that we use in all our cushions.  It's lofty and springs back to life and will offer baby lots of comfort and softness.  Our fibre also meets the UK Fire Safety guidelines and is certified to BS5850 which is needed for all household cushions.

Our nursing cushions all offer the opportunity to be personalised.  You can choose a theme and a colour for the text and add your baby's name or initials, perhaps the date they were born or simply a phrase or slogan that will keep you happy during the endless hours of feeding.

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