(30cm) with Organic Lavender
(50cm) with Organic Lavender

Two-Faced Pillow

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UK Made

BS5852 : 1988

Hypo-Allergenic Filling


Face Pillows are a hilarious gift and with our Two-Faced Pillow, you can feature one face to the front and one to the back of this unique photo cushion. Pull a funny face and feature one on each side or make a couples Face Pillow by featuring two different people.

  • Double sided face cushion.
  • Featuring 2 of your photos printed edge-to-edge.
  • British made.
  • Size options.
  • Luxury photo fabric.
  • Trusted HappySnapGifts® brand.

Each Two-Faced Pillow is made to order in the UK from premium quality photo fabric; filled with hypoallergenic polyester fibre and printed using state of the art technology, the result is a truly stunning Face Pillow that is a fantastic and funny gift idea for the whole family, so get creative and start choosing your faces. How 2-Faced can you be?



We recommend you do not machine wash this cushion.

  • The cushions are filled with a luxury polyester fibre that creates a lovely "loftiness" in other words it will bounce back to life time and again.
  • If you wash the cushion in the washing machine, the fibres tend to move about and clump up which will spoil your cushion.
  • The print on the outer cushion will not run.
  • Cleaning with a damp sponge or cloth will be the best way to clean off any dirt on the cushion and this won't harm the cushion.


What type of Fibre is used to fill our cushion & pillow Products?

Generally speaking, we use a luxury, spiral twisted and smooth-coated polyester fibre (Lux.) to fill our cushion products.  Normal fibre can become lumpy over time but ours will bounce back time and again and has the benefit of being Hypoallergenic.

Does the Lux. Fibre have a Fire Rating?

Yes. We buy our fibre only from a trusted UK source that has their fibre meet the Furniture (Fire) (Safety) Regulations (BS5852).  We regularly obtain updated certificates to check the latest batches meet the current requirements.

What happens if the Lux. Fibre gets wet or is washed in the machine?

No harm will come to the polyester fibre in theory, getting it wet is inadvisable though don't panic, just dry it out normally at room temperature though don't put it in the dryer.  We found on testing that if you do put the cushion in the washing machine, it will dry out ok though the tumbling in the washing machine tends to make the fibres all clump together and become less evenly spaced in the cushion.


The information below is for guidance. Actual delivery costs and dates depend on the delivery address, weight and time your order is placed. Cut-off time for Overnight Orders is 12 noon.

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Despatch 0-2 Days (to Personalise) or Upgrade at Checkout for Overnight Delivery
Brand HappySnapGifts®
RRP £12.95
Country of Origin United Kingdom
SKU FGCUS043(30cm)P(Ph1)(PhB1)
Tariff Code 9404909000
Tariff Description Cushion - Polyester Fibre Filled (Polyester Cover)
Product Weight 150 g
Product Dimensions 30 x 20 x 10cm
Product Options
Photo Print ChoicePhotos to Front & Back
Filling100% Polyester Fibre
Cushion SizeRegular 30cm, Extra Large 50cm
AromaOrganic Lavender +
Two-Faced Pillow
150 g
30 x 20 x 10cm
Two-Faced Pillow
500 g
50 x 30 x 16cm
Two-Faced Pillow
(30cm) with Organic Lavender
151 g
30 x 20 x 10cm
Two-Faced Pillow
(50cm) with Organic Lavender
501 g
50 x 30 x 16cm

Photo Instructions

HappySnapGifts® Top tips for the best Face Cushion

  • Ensure your whole head is in the photo.
  • Take the photo straight-on and not at an angle unless you pick the hand-cut to shape option.
  • Do not crop your photo prior to uploading it.
  • Send a photo that is of high quality and resolution.
  • No group photos. One head per photo is recommended taken fairly close up for the best effect though do leave lots of border around the face.

Have your photos ready as they need to be uploaded before you pay for your order.

Loading photos on HappySnapGifts®

  1. Select your Products & Add to Cart.
  2. You will be presented with a screen to upload the correct number of photos for each item in the cart OR Continue Shopping to add other products.
  3. "Personalise Here" for the 1st product & upload photos.
  4. TOP TIP Drag your photos into the order you want them to appear on the product.
  5. Add any Personalised Text.
  6. "Save and Continue".
  7. Personalise other items in the cart and "Complete Order"

Can I pay now and upload later?
No. Our system is set to be fail-safe and ensure you can only order if you have completed all the photo uploading to complete your product.

Can I place the photo's in a certain order?
Yes. You will be presented with a "mock-up" of your product which will have the corresponding numbers of where the photos will be placed.  If your item has say 6 photo's to upload then upload them all, then if needed, drag them into a different order to correspond with the mini-mock-up image presented.  Only click to submit and pay when you are ready as we will use these images in the right order for your order.

Can I see a preview of my product?
Not yet.  We ask you to upload the photos and drag them into the right order on the system to match the mock-up you will see.  At a later date, very soon we hope, you will be able to click and upload in the right position and see a preview at the same time as you build the product ready to order.  This will be ready as we say as soon as we can so our best advice is to take care and re-order your product photo's before confirming your order.  It's really very easy - give it a go and you will see.

Image Quality
Replication of your photo is to the best standard possible though we do not edit or alter image quality before we print.  Send us the very best "in-focus" and well-lit image and to the largest size possible and you will be amazed at the incredible detail.  Send us fuzzy, old or out-of-focus images and these will be replicated in detail without editing so you will get a product as good as the images you send.  Most new mobile phones produce great quality images though where we usually have problems is where we receive a scan of a very old photo or a pixellated image that was so small when it was taken (perhaps on early 1990's style phones) that we have to enlarge to fit onto a relatively large product.


Two-Faced Pillow

Average 0/5
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