Buckwheat Pillows


Organic Buckwheat Pillows each made in the UK with Natural Organic Buckwheat Hull filling, made in a variety of natural cotton fabrics with colour choices and made to order to shape, size and depth and each offering personalised text as an option to make a natural personalised gift.

Buckwheat Sleep Pillows are a very popular natural product that aids sleep. You will see in the product that these sleep pillows offer many size options as well as luxury cotton choices but, most importantly we offer different weights of filling. By offering this option you can make the perfect natural sleep pillow to the depth or height that suits you best when sleeping and even if there is too much filling, these sleep pillows have a zipped access to allow you to remove content and create your very own bespoke height sleep pillow.

Meditation Cushions are filled with the same Organic Buckwheat Hulls as our Sleep Pillow and again, we offer a range of both fabric and colour choices, personalised text and height options. Each Meditation Cushion can be ordered to different heights depending on how flexible you are or how comfortable you need your own cushion to be.

Buckwheat Bolster Pillows help your posture and are used in Yoga and Sport and at HappySnapGifts® we offer a full and unique range with size and fabric and colour options, and of course the ability to personalise as a gift.

You can read more about our Organic Buckwheat Hulls if required on our WheatyBags® web site.

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