Face Cushions & Face Pillows


Face Cushions and Face Pillows are a hugely popular personalised gift and here at HappySnapGifts® we specialise in the manufacture of high-quality photo cushions, all made to order and featuring your face, your friends and family and even dog, cat and pet faces all printed and then sewn onto a UK Made Face Cushion.

Most popular is the Original Face Cushion - it's a simple concept, simply send us a photo of your face and we will print it onto fabric and sew it onto a uniquely made oval shaped face cushions.  We've been making these face cushions for many years and developed them now into one of the best face cushions you can buy.  Not only is your face printed to the fabric on the front of the cushion; we also give you a choice of print colour to the back and you can personalise the cushion to make a personalised face cushion with any fun words, a slogan or funny quip for your friend on the back.  Every face cushion is also printed before we sew meaning that the print truly goes edge to edge and of course we use our luxury spiral twisted hypo-allergenic fibre to fill the cushion. Checkout one of our team at our old manufacture unit sporting a face cushion in disguise here.

Hand Cut to Shape Face Cushions take the concept of Face Cushions in general to another level where we use your photo and guidance to make a very unique shaped cushion that features a cut out of your face.  As you can see we can cut around hats, cut to include funny hair do's and pony-tails, perhaps we can cut your face cushion to include those huge sticky-out-ears or any other unique feature you send for a bit of fun on your personalised cut to shape cushion.

Family Face Cusions are also hand cut to shape and usually make for a face cushion with 2 or more faces.  They're great fun when customes send us a family photo that has the kids and a dog or cat for the face cushion and they are such fun for us to manufacture and absolutely loved cushions.

We created a new concept recently and have a Face Cushion with Football Shirt Body and a My Hero Personalised Face Cushion with Design Option.  Sports and football fans love the Football Shirt Face Cushion as you upload your friend's funny face, and personalise the cushion with text of choice.  The My Hero range of Face Cushions features our own designed caped crusader and you personalise with My Hero Dad, Mum, Brother and so on so they make for a fabulous fun face cushion for adults and kids alike.

Remember Furry Dice hanging in the car? Why not go the extra mile and get your friends a set of Mini Family Fun Cushions that come in a mini size with hanger to hand in the bedroom, home or office or of course from the car mirror!

Add your full body to the face cushion with our very own Full Body Face Cushion.

Pet Face Cushions are great cushions where we can hand cut the cushion to the shape of your dog or cat or pretty much any pets face.

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