Vintage Label Personalised Wine Bottle Bag

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The Vintage Label Wine Bottle Bag is the perfect companion to a nice bottle of wine and is a beautifully made personalised gift. 

  • Premium Wine Bottle Bag.
  • Choice your fabric.
  • Many print colours.
  • Approx 24x9cm (9.5x3.5").
  • Classic Vintage Label design.
  • Personalise with unique message.


£8.95 £12.95 + delivery from £2.95
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8 character max
10 character max
15 character max
15 character max
15 character max

If you are looking for a way to liven up a bottle of wine these fantastic personalised gift bags could be just what you need. Each bag is printed with our classic vintage label template and can be personalised with a unique message.

The wine bottle bags are made in our British factory, which allows us to  give you choice of a wide range of top quality fabrics, which are then heat pressed with the Vintage Label template and your own personalised message.


What size of bottle will the bags hold ?

The bags are designed to hold most wine bottles and standard champagne bottles within a 9cm width.

Is the bag padded for protection ?

No. Please be careful when handling the bottle. The bags are not padded but are made from premium quality fabric.

Why am I limited to the amount of characters I can print?

This is because we must fit the text and template within a certain area to ensure it fits on the bag, so we must restrict the amount of text that can be entered.

Is it possible to purchase wine with the bag?

No. The wine is not included and can not be purchased from us.

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