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Photo-Upload Personalised Doorstops are a HappySnapGifts® UK Made creation and feature your best photos printed to our luxury photo fabric and made up into a heavy 2 kilo doorstop with a special non-slip base.

  • Your photo(s) printed onto luxury photo fabric.
  • Feature 1 or more photos of your choice.
  • Edge to edge printing.
  • Approx. 16cm x 14cm x 14cm.
  • Choice of handle colours.
  • Filled with natural wheat.
  • Trusted HappySnapGifts® brand.
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How to load photos

Our luxury photo fabric is the perfect fabric to take your full colour, black and white or even specially designed artwork images.  We print the fabric before we sew up the final item which means these photo doorstops have an edge to edge print and look is one of a quality British Made photo gift.

We will the door stops with wheat to give it some weight and have used a special non-slip base that means the door stop will work even on wooden or tiled surfaces, depending on the door weight of course.

We can print the product with a number of combinations of photos.

  • 1 photo can be printed on all 4 sides and the top.
  • 3 images means we use 2 of them on 2 sides and the 3rd photo goes on top.
  • 5 images means we use 4 images so all 4 sides are different, and the last image goes on top.

Can the door stop be washed ?

No. The product contains natural wheat inside which should not ideally get wet.  You can clean the surface of the fabric with a damp cloth as the inks in the printed fabric will not run.

What if I get the entire door stop wet ?

The wheat inside should be allowed to dry out naturally.  If it remains damp the wheat will start to smell so if the product does get wet, put it in a dry warm room to dry out.  If it starts to smell, perhaps buy a new product.

How heavy is the door stop ?

2 kilos in weight when filled with wheat.

Perfect for the job

This is a unique solution to a common problem, but does the job excellently. Yet to witness the weatherproof capabilities, but these do look good propping open the front doors of our photographic store in central Bicester, Oxfordshire - come && see them !

1st September 2019 by imagex Bicester
Doggy door stop!

My husband needed a door stop for his office and he adores our silly border terrier Fred. When I found I could customise a doorstop with up to 5 different pics of the dog - I knew he would love it!

11th December 2018 by Tiffany
Personalised door stop

Very happy with the product I got and I can't wait to see my pals face at Xmas. Thank you.

19th November 2014 by Lauren
Directors Review of the Photo Doorstop

Wow ! I have to say the photo door stop is a fabulous eye catching photo gift and we have all been very impressed with how this brand new product has turned out.

We use our luxury photo fabric to print onto all 4 sides and also the top of the doorstop and have a great non-slip fabric on the base so the doorstop will work on wooden flooring.

These photo doorstops will make a great household gift whether they be for a childs bedroom door, an office or at home.

19th September 2013 by Michael Robinson
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