Sending your Photo

How do I send my photo or image design ?

Don't worry if you get stuck at the upload stage, you can email the image(s) later if you prefer.

  • STEP 1 - place your order online which generates an order number.

  • STEP 2 - use the Browse and Upload buttons to load your photos.

  • STEP 3 - that's it - you will also receive an email confirming the upload.

Photos are uploaded after you place the order because the photos are attached to your order number.  If emailing them to us instead, please write your order number in the subject line.

Which image formats can you accept ?

Our system can take most image formats from digital cameras and phones (eg jpeg, png, gif etc) though the higher the quality, the better the image will be on your product.

Pictures need to be at least 800x600 pixels in size though our system will let you know if your picture is large enough when you load it.

Can I send my image after I have placed the order ?

We prefer that you load your images at the order processing stage to help avoid any mistakes. However if you get stuck at loading or are not sure what to do, we can accept images by email.

Can I send in a specially designed image or montage of photos ?

Yes. Please refer to the DETAILS Tab on each product you are looking to order.  There you will find information on what size to design your images to and how to send them to us.  Please make sure you design at high resolution (300dpi works great) and to actual size and save if you can as an original EPS or PDF format.  Jpegs and PNGs are fine but we prefer the former.

What if I want to change a photo after I load it ?

Once you have loaded your photo, we will accommodate any changes you want us to make if we haven't already printed the loaded photos. This all depends on the timing of our processing so if you have any changes once loaded, please phone us urgently as sometimes we are very fast at printing images. No changes can be made once we print your image at the factory.

Can you design me special artwork from an image supplied for this product ?

Not usually. We are not a graphic design business though minor changes to a photo, changing its size or shape to fit a product is usually possible. Please make contact with us prior to ordering if you have any special requests as we will always try to help you.